Hi guys, I’m Adam!

I’m Texas born and raised from south Houston, but my family moved here in '95, so I consider the Austin area where I grew up and my forever home! I found my passion for the service industry at a very young age growing up in clubs and bars because my parents were bartenders and managers all the way up to my early 20’s.

Without skipping a beat, I set out on the same course as they did. It’s the people that I love, and the friendships that become with even only meeting someone for the first time. I guess you can say I’ve never met a stranger in my life. I truly enjoy what I do, and especially love the way everyone at Mean Eyed Cat have welcomed me with open arms, from co-workers, management, and the regulars! The people here are by far the best around Austin! So glad to be a part of this family and look forward to meeting you as well! So don’t waste anytime and “come get shiddy at the kitty”! You won’t be disappointed!